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(Last Updated On: November 23, 2017)

Fat Cat Catamaran Review: Here’s What to Expect!


Are YOU thinking about booking a Catamaran Tour in Playa del Carmen?

With catamaran tours surging in popularity in the Riviera Maya, we realize it may be a little difficult deciding which one to pick. I mean,  there’s so much choice!

That’s where we come in…

Luckily, we have tried and tested all of the tours in the area, and it’s only right that we present you with what we consider to be the very best.

Because, ultimately, as a travel agency we just want you to have a good time.


The Fat Cat Catamaran Tour

Why is the Fat Cat Catamaran tour the best?

It’s the ultimate blend of fun, relaxation, and adventure!

What you can expect:
  • You’ll sail the incredible Caribbean coastline whilst marveling at the spectacular view.
  • Snorkel the crystal clear water, and make friends with the local marine life (snorkeling gear is provided).
  • Enjoy the open bar and food.

The slogan of the Fat Cat Catamaran is that “you can’t have too much fun“, which if you ask me, pretty much sums up the entire tour.

If you’re looking for the best quality/value for money catamaran tour, then you’ve found it. Keep reading to find out why.

The catamarans are available for either a 4-hour morning or afternoon tour and they set sail from Puerto Aventuras (round-trip transportation is included in the price).

Pricing is as follows: 
  • Adults = $110
  • Children (aged 3-11yrs) = $78

Hop Onboard

The transport will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the port at Puerto Adventuras. The port itself is incredibly beautiful. Here you will see dolphins, large tropical fish swimming around in the water, and of course, lots of boats.

Then, it’s time to hop onboard!

The luxury catamarans are extremely spacious, with seats located around the edges.

After you set sail you’ll notice all your worries and cares start to leave you. For me, there is nothing more therapeutic than exploring the blue magic and wonder of the Caribbean ocean.

Drinks & Food


As you begin to cruise the Caribbean coastline and soak up the incredible view,  that’s when the drinks start to flow.

The open bar offers up Corona brand beers, Coca-Cola brand soft drinks, rum, vodka, or their famously strong but delicious rum punch. You can also opt for tropical juices or filtered water.

Trust me, the captain and his sailing attendants won’t ever leave you with an empty glass.

This is the time to make friends, listen to some good music, dance, and soak up the rays on deck.

At the front of the catamaran, there are actually nets where you can lay down and feel the spray of the ocean.

For those of you who prefer the shade, there are plenty areas to sit under the roof, where you can enjoy the cool breeze and marvel at the stunning coastline.

After you’ve stopped off for a swim, you will have definitely worked up an appetite.

The crew will provide you with a tasty picnic lunch consisting of, sandwich, chips and something sweet.

TOP TIP: Bring extra snacks if you think you might still get hungry.


Catamaran Tour

Once you arrive at the first snorkeling stop, prepare for some aquatic fun!

The crew will kit you out with all the equipment you could ever need, including a sterilized mouthpiece, and life jackets. Once you’re in the water, it’s time for some epic snorkeling.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner the crew will assist you.

This protected area inside the coral reef is filled with all kinds of beautiful marine life. You will see lots of tropical fish, and nature-willing you may even have the chance to observe giant sea turtles in the wild.

This is guaranteed to be the highlight of your trip.

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On the way back you will also stop off at another snorkeling location.  South Bay is a protected swim area where you will be able to enjoy the warm sea water and the cooler cenote water that jets through the sandy floor.

Here you can soak up some final rays.

You can even jump in off the boat or simply float and enjoy the scenery as you talk to your new friends.

TOP TIP: Flip you life jacket upside down and put your legs where the arms would go, and buckle it around your waist. This is what they call the Fat Cat Diaper. Bob along the water effortlessly, enjoying the sunshine and a drink. Does it get any better than this?

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Things You Might Want To Bring Extra Money For

– A tip for your crew

– Souvenirs

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Is The Fat Cat Catamaran Adults Only?

No, this tour is family-friendly.  However, if you wanted a tour that was just adults-only,  this can be requested as a private tour if you let us know when you make your booking.

fat cat

Who Would Enjoy This Tour?

This is the perfect tour for large families, a group of friends, or bachelor (ette) parties.

However, it can be thoroughly enjoyed by singles and couples too! I went on this excursion on my own and I made so many friends, we even continued the party in Playa del Carmen once the tour had come to an end.

It was heaps of fun!


Interested In Booking?

Hopefully, you enjoyed my review of the Fat Cat Catamaran!

If you’re interested, you can book the Fat Cat Catamaran here.

If you prefer to speak to someone over the phone, then be sure to call us, PlayaDelCarmen.com, on our toll-free number 1 888-537-9797

Alternatively, you can email us at customercare@playadelcarmen.com, we would be happy to assist you.


Fat Cat Catamaran
The Fat Cat Catamaran delivered on my expectations. The service was great, food was delicious and I had a blast out on the ocean relaxing, exploring, and enjoying a drink or two.
Food & Drink

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