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The Hidden Beach of Puerto Aventuras
(Last Updated On: March 23, 2017)

The Hidden Beach of Puerto Aventuras


Puerto Aventuras is one of the prettiest residential towns in the whole of the Riviera Maya.

With its impressive marina, stunning residential areas, friendly locals and laid back island vibes, this is one hell of a place to visit while staying in Playa del Carmen.

However, it does have one tiny little drawback… Although it lies slap bang in the middle of the dreamy Caribbean coastline, it doesn’t actually have the best beaches.

Most areas are rocky, or have absolutely no access points.

But fear not, I have discovered the most picturesque beach right in the heart of Puerto Aventuras.

Only the residents and locals know about this slice of paradise, but I’m about to share all its secrets with you.

Puerto Aventuras beach

The Beach

Imagine pristine white sands as far as the eye can see, palm trees huddled together offering some well-deserved shade, and glistening turquoise waters gently lapping up against the shore. This is the hidden beach of Puerto Aventuras.

What makes it even more spectacular, is that there’s never more than a handful of people in this area at any given time. Serene, relaxing, tranquil, paradise.

However, this beach isn’t all about lazing around in the glorious sunshine. I think the most special thing about this beach is the water.

The government of Puerto Aventuras has built a faux reef just meters from the shoreline, which attracts droves of brightly colored tropical fish.

As a happy accident, this barrier also protects the section of sea closest to the shore from any waves or debris. This has created an amazing cove-like area that is always perfectly still, crystal clear, and only comes up to your thigh… so relaxing.

puerto aventuras snorkel


Just beyond the faux reef, is the very real Mesoamerican reef.

You can swim out to this amazing underwater world straight off the beach, simply walk through any of the three spaces in the barrier.

A few more meters, and you’ll be slap bang in the middle of a vibrant, magical underwater playground.

Gigantic bain coral, vibrant sea fans, schools of tropical fish, crabs, sea horses, rays and even haunting manglar forests all call this reef home.

Snorkeling from the hidden beach of Puerto Aventuras is a must, and is perfect for both first-timers and seasons swimmers alike.

puerto aventuras view


There are 2 ways to access this picturesque Puerto Aventuras beach, the easy way, and the easier way.

The first, and one I most commonly use, is to walk through the Omni hotel. This hotel is situated right next to the main town square, and is impossible to miss when walking or driving into Puerto Aventuras.

Simply walk through the main entrance, past the pool on the right-hand side, and down the little steps onto the beach. From there, you simply head to your right, and you will see the hidden beach right in front of you. Trust me, you’ll know which one it is.

The second access route is a little trickier to see.

There is a small, unmarked access point just to the left of the Omni hotel. Walk through this passage, and you’ll be brought out onto a stretch of beach just to the left of the Omni Hotel beach area.

Simply turn on your heels, head to your right, walk straight through the hotel beach, and you will hit the exact same sweet spot.

puerto aventuras marina

Getting There

Getting to Puerto Aventuras from Playa del Carmen couldn’t be easier. You can take a taxi, your own car, or the public Colectivo.


Simply hop onto the highway in Playa del Carmen and head left towards Tulum. After around 15 minutes, you’ll see the gated entrance to Puerto Aventuras come up on your left-hand side.

At this point, you need to spin around the roundabout just ahead of you, and head back on yourself a few meters, to get right outside the entrance.

From there, it’s just another 2 minute drive, and you’ll see the free car park on your right-hand side.


Taking a taxi is definitely the most expensive, but the most relaxing public transportation option.

You can hail a taxi from the streets anywhere in Playa del Carmen, or you can ask your hotel staff to order one to reception for you.

The price of the taxi will depend on the driver, but should cost you around $250 pesos (roughly $13 USD) each way.

Make sure you agree on the price before getting into the taxi 😉


The cheapest way to get to Puerto Aventuras is to take a public Colectivo minivan.

These vans are fully air-conditioned, and leave every 5-10 minutes from Playa del Carmen.

You can find the Colectivo stand on Calle 2 with 15 Avenue, and the van will drop you off on the highway at Puerto Aventuras.

Journey time is around 20 minutes, and will only cost you $25 pesos ($1.30 USD) per person.


Have you ever been to the beaches in Puerto Aventuras? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!


Fern Fern is a travel writer from England, who packed up her entire life into one suitcase and moved to sunny Mexico. If she’s not exploring secluded beaches, or hopping on a plane to a nearby country, you will find her under the waves trying to make friends with the local sea life. Fern’s motto is to travel slowly. She takes time to really get to know a country, immerse herself in its culture, pick up the language, and of course, stuff herself with all the local delicacies!


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