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Guest Bloggers for Playa del Carmen

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Blog Post Submissions

This blog belongs to everyone living and visiting Playa del Carmen Mexico.

We accept guest posts so you’re free share your experience in Playa here, with your friends and the world.

Blog about your vacation or fun things you’ve done in Playa. Maybe you’re a local or someone who’s here 2-6 months/year and wants to post on occasion. We welcome everyone with something good to say.

If you’re looking for for than just guest blogging, we have full time positions… we’re hiring!

Guest Blog Ideas…

1) Hotel Reviews

2) Activity / Excursion Reviews

3) Restaurant Reviews

4) Family / Kids Related

5) Nightlife

6) Honeymoon

7) Wedding

8) Bachelor / Bachelorette

9) Golf

10) Group Travel

If you have an idea for a post, we’re all ears. It doesn’t necessarily have to fit into the 10 above.

General Post Guidelines:

1) Must be over 500 words in length and include hi-res images.

2) Hand-written, original content.

3) Avoid self promotion

4) Assign proper attribution

5) Your picture and bio is required

El Fine Print:

  • We do reserve the right to edit article as we see fit, include call-to-actions and update in the future to maintain freshness and accuracy.
  • We may share your posts on, but not limited to, social media, our website and newsletter.
  • We cannot allow you to republish your post on other sites. Social sharing is fine but duplicating it will lead to penalties.

Have questions? Reach out. Interested in submitting a post? Submit your post idea here



  1. Hello Guys ,

    Hope all is well.

    I have been working as blogger since last few year. I am looking forward an opportunity for contribution of my content to your awesome and informative Blog.

    I had noticed that you are providing opportunities for guest posting.I am very much excited about contributing my content to your site which helps to provide a powerful platform for sharing my views and thoughts with a large number of visitors.

    Could you please, let me know how should i proceed ahead for contribution ?

    Thanking you,

    Neil K Helson

  2. Hi, I’d love to blog about the visual art scene here in Playa. I am involved in a community art initiative and would like to share the free workshops, and events happening there as well!

  3. 2 big hotels are in construction just south of bahia principe hotel. Earthwork already began, saw it with my eyes. After talks these two hotels are supposed to take 2.5km of shore. If you mesure 2.5 km from Bahia principe hotel depending how you measure (straight line or followed shore curves) means theses 2 news hotels are really close the reserve or on it? thanks

    1. Hey, Eliasspears thank you for reaching out. Although we can’t be 100% sure with things like this, we assume and hope that the new hotels will be close by to the reserve but not actually in it. The whole point of the reserve is to protect the environment. Do let us know if you manage to get hold of any extra info. All the best, Sarah


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